About Us

    Find out who we are

    Moor House Adventure Centre is the headquarters for Durham Scout County, set in 19 acres of field & forest just outside of the historic city of Durham.

    We provide tailor made outdoor education solutions for everyone, from residential activity programmes, school transition days, curriculum linked educational programmes to guided walks, corporate team building events & conference facilities.

    With a wide range of onsite & offsite activities on offer, delivered by our team of qualified & experienced Instructors, Coaches, Tutors & Associate Staff alongside a range of accommodation options Moor House Adventure Centre is the best place to learn through adventure.


    Mission Statement

    We believe that young people are our most valuable resource and our aim is to help them be the best they can be.
    By providing them with meaningful adventure, activity and education we encourage new skills ideas confidence and empowerment.
    These skills and attitudes support them in making a positive contribution to the communities in which they live.


    Why Choose Moor House Adventure Centre?


    We’re passionate about Outdoor Education 

    As proud holders of the ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’ Quality Badge, we design all of our programmes to engage all participants, providing learning & developmental opportunities throughout the programme. The programme design provides participants with achievable solutions to challenging situations that leads to improved, engagement, increased self-confidence & esteem, improved learning & enjoyable education.


    Exceptional Staff & Customer Service
    We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff across all areas of the centre. You can be sure that the admin team will do all of the hard work so that you don’t have to. They’ll ensure you get the best possible programme design to meet your needs, work with you to plan your stay & liaise with you throughout your visit to ensure you have the support you need before handing you over to our qualified & experienced instructors who’ll ensure that every activity is delivered to an exceptional standard, is engaging & exceeds your expectations.


    Value, Standards & Ethos
    As a registered charity we are aware of the financial position of organisations. As such we have developed affordable, high quality outdoor education solutions to suit any group.
    We understand the value of high quality outdoor education & the impact this can have on participants, we have undertaken a programme of investment to provide new activities to complement existing provision, we have recruited the best staff & all of our activity programmes are designed to promote learning, allow personal development and encompass the LoTC principles.


    Based on the outskirts of the beautiful city of Durham & within walking distance of Areas of Outstanding Natural beauty & Sites of Special Scientific Interest Moor House Adventure Centre offers much more than just a place to stay.

    With excellent transport links, established cycle routes, established walks & local rivers we provide something for everyone without the demands of onerous travel.


    Safety Matters
    We take your safety very seriously. Adventurous activities have an inherent element of risk and we have developed and implemented a robust framework of safety management protocols, policies and operating procedures that provide safe delivery without compromising the underpinning excitement of the activity.
    We are quality assured and accredited by industry specific bodies such as the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA), Adventure mark and the Council for the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge.


    High Quality Activities
    We provide a huge amount of high quality onsite and offsite activities that provide inclusive and challenging opportunities that can all be linked to the national curriculum. So whether you are a youth group trying to reinforce communication skills and team building on our low ropes course, a school group completing a GCSE archery programme or a corporate group taking a Leap of Faith on the Cube as a reward day we have the programme of activities for you.


    Accommodation, Facilities & Catering
    We provide a wide range of accommodation options to suit every possible situation. So whether  you’re a scout group looking for a place to camp, school group looking for indoor accommodation with a meal package or a corporate group looking for a conference venue with professionally prepared catering we have the solution.


    Learning Outcomes
    We are passionate about outdoor education and want everyone else to share our passion but we understand that for people to start to understand the cross sector benefits of outdoor education we need to show its value. So to compliment the current research supporting the benefits of learning outside, learning away and brilliant residentials, Moor House Adventure Centre have developed 7 key learning outcomes that are embedded within our activities.


    Cooperative Working
    There is a need in almost every walk of life for people to be able to work as an effective team, whether in a school, at work or within local communities. We design all of our activities in such a way to ensure tangible team work outcomes are delivered whether this be indirect outcomes such as recognising a colleague or peers achievement or direct outcomes such working together to complete a specified tasks.


    Managing Risk
    Adventurous activities by their very nature have inherent risks and whilst these risks need to be managed they also provide opportunities for people to extend their personal comfort levels and challenge their own inhibitions, fears and insecurities. Being able to manage these risks and make informed decisions and develop risk strategies is an essential skill that people need to develop. We design our activities in such a way as to challenge participants to appropriately manage risk and to understand how we mitigate risks to acceptable levels. Participants will learn to identify risks and take appropriate action to reduce these to a safe level with the support of our team of instructors who will look to explain risk reduction, decision making and consequence.


    Growing Resilience
    An individual’s personal and professional life will always provide exposure to challenge, hardship and failure, whether that be with relationships, studies or work related issues . We cannot protect ourselves or others from these failures but we can empower individuals to look upon these as an opportunity to reflect, to recognise development needs and learning opportunities and take the positives from a negative outcome. This positive change in mind set and outlook raises resilience allowing individuals to assess ‘failures’ develop solutions and deliver ‘successes’ that they have created that in turn develops self-confidence, raises aspiration and promotes perseverance in the face challenge. Participants will be challenged and allowed to fail in a safe and supportive environment, our team of instructors will then reintroduce the plan, do, review cycle to support the self-discovery of what went wrong and why and how these discoveries can be used to achieve successful outcomes.


    Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
    Closely linked to many other learning outcomes being able to respond to challenge and solve problems by thinking critically, reflecting and following the plan, do, review cycle is a fundamental outcome that underpins many of our activities. An individual’s personal and professional life will always expose them problems and our activities will identify strategies that allow problems to be dissected and approached in a different manner after effective review and the development of new or amended plans.


    Effective Communication
    Sharing information, presenting ideas and listening to others are vital skills within personal and professional settings. Being able to get the message across to the audience empowers the speaker to impart knowledge, share a vision or give instructions similarly being able to listen effectively empowers the listener to understand and reflect. Our activities are designed to support participants in developing their communication skills by demonstrating and supporting, through self-discovery the importance of speaking clearly, delivering critical information, balancing brevity with detail and ensuring the message is appropriate to the audience. Similarly our activities are designed to demonstrate the need to listen; to our instructors, to their peers to their colleagues.
    The activities base the need for effective communication on groups ability to deliver successful activity outcomes.


    Skill Development
    Learning at Moor House Adventure Centre couldn’t be easier, it’s like falling off a bike and if you did fall off a bike our team of instructors would teach you how to fall of safely or not fall off at all! Learning is made easy by our developmental activities, it’s really just about trying something new or progressing in something you have tried before. Through all of our fantastic activities participants will be supported to try new things and through this develop new skills. This could be something really basic such as starting a fire with a fire steel and cotton wool or shooting a bow and arrow for the first time or may be more complex like belaying a colleague up our 40’ climbing tower.


    Recognising Abilities & Development Needs
    When you can identify what you can do well you are empowered to lead, to inspire and develop and when you can identify what you cannot do well with the same level of comfort you are empowered to learn, to aspire to develop. Not being good at something at Moor House Adventure Centre is simply an opportunity to learn and develop and being good at something is an opportunity to share and support.
    We design our activities so that everyone can participate and recognise their own and their teams abilities and celebrate these and similarly recognise development needs both individually and jointly and develop strategies to address these.

    Thanks to QuestionPro's generosity, we have access to powerful feedback software.