We’re passionate about education & the outdoors…

So it’s not surprising we think blending them both and taking learning outside of the classroom is an absolutely amazing idea.

Learning outside the classroom tackles social mobility, giving children new and exciting experiences that inspire them to reach their true potential.

Real-world learning brings the benefits of formal and informal education together and reinforces what good educationalists have always known: that the most meaningful learning occurs through acquiring knowledge and skills through real-life, practical or hands-on activities.

These real world experiences raise aspirations, equipping young people with the skills they need to become active and responsible citizens and shape a fit and motivated workforce. It addresses educational inequality, re-motivating children who do not thrive in the traditional classroom environment, such as those from disadvantaged backgrounds or with Special Educational Needs.

Young people who experience learning outside the classroom as a regular part of their school life benefit from increased self esteem, and become more engaged in their education both inside and outside the classroom walls, supports improved standards back INSIDE the classroom, raising attainment, reducing truancy and improving discipline. Learning outside the classroom is known to contribute significantly to raising standards & improving pupils’ personal, social & emotional development.


Here’s the best bit…

Moor House Adventure Centre can do this for your pupils and it won’t cost you the earth and we will make sure we bring learning to life.

With a long history of delivering cutting edge outdoor education this makes us the ideal choice for your primary or secondary school’s outdoor educational visit. So whether you want to bring your class for an afternoon of adventure as a reward, a weeks’ visit based around team working and citizenship or a particular subject area, we have a programme to fulfil your needs that is closely aligned to the national curriculum.

At Moor House Adventure Centre we offer inspiring adventure, we make learning fun, engaging and informal with key learning outcomes embedded within each activity and adopt a philosophy of learning by doing.

Our team will support you through each stage of your visit from planning, delivery and review to ensure perfect outdoor experience.

Our flexible approach means we can deliver as much of the programme as you like, designing a bespoke experience and taking into account your specific objectives for the trip.


School Packages

Our bespoke packages are affordable, booking could not be easier and residential experiences cover a range of subjects in the National Curriculum.

Pupils leave with a motivation to learn more, with new aspirations and a new attitude towards learning and possibly more importantly teachers and pupils leave our centres with relationships that have strengthened which benefits classroom based learning. Our packages include;


Original Outdoor Experience

Surrounded by the natural beauty of County Durham our team of instructors will immerse students in the outdoor environment, ensuring activities are fully resourced and a variety of teaching styles are utilised to make sure pupils will experience and develop tangible skills that are useful both in the natural world and importantly, back in the classroom.

Whether working as a team to complete our low ropes course, supporting peers overcoming fears on the leap of faith or reflecting on individual performance and adapting technique to improve accuracy in an archery session; this is the essence of what our school residential are all about.


Outdoor Adventure

From their base in the centre accommodation block, camp field or tented villages, pupils explore, paddle, cooperate, climb and think their way through a series of exciting skills and challenges – from high ropes and bush craft, to kayaking and mountain biking. We believe adventure is the best way to learn and that’s why we’ve packed this course full of opportunities for pupils to encounter new situations and to forge strong relationships that will benefit them in and beyond the classroom.  This is an unforgettable week of fun, challenge and adventure.


Adventure 50:50

Relevant learning in real life settings is what adventure is all about. However, we know that sometimes the things you need to teach require some time in the classroom too. This co-created course splits your time between self-led sessions and instructed activities. We believe in learning by doing and embedding knowledge through experience. In this course we work with you to design a programme that uses your curriculum expertise and our expertise in the outdoors to ensure that your pupils haven’t just read about it-they’ve lived it.


The Natural Curriculum

Bringing learning to life inspires pupils and can have a lasting effect on their love of a subject. Make history come to life through our themed curriculum days; live, survive and grow like stone age man, learn what he ate, where he lived and how he hunted or enlist into the Moor House Infantry and travel back in time to 1944 and the Second World War.


All of our packages allow pupils to own their learning, to taste history, touch geography, watch science fly through the air and feel physical education.

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