Mountain Bike Skills


    Our purpose built skills course offers riders the perfect opportunity to show off their biking skills. Can you cross the balance beam, go lo on the limbo or get over the trio of tyres?

    Control and balance are the order of the day and if you look like you’re making things seem just a little bit too easy our instructors will be on hand to ramp up the difficulty with progressive challenges that make things a whole lot harder.


    Session Overview

    After an initial safety briefing participants will be given an in depth introduction to the equipment they will be using during the session.

    Participants will then receive demonstration before moving on to the activity where they will be instructed throughout.


    Activity Information

    Duration: 1.5 hours

    Staff to Participant Ratio: 1 : 12

    Location: Indoor or Outdoor

    Age Range: 7+  (KS2)


    Learning Outcomes

    1. Managing Risk

    2. Growing Resilience

    3. Skill Development

    4. Recognising Abilities & Development Needs

    5. Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

    6. Effective Communication



    We have designed all of our session to ensure the maximum learning potential of each activity is achieved and can be linked to the National Curriculum.

    Key Stage 1
    Key Stage 2
    Key Stage 3
    Key Stage 4


    We have a range of resources & forms  available for your use. Download them all here.


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