1.5 hours
KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4


Abseiling is the controlled descent of a vertical drop using a rope. Historically, climbers have used this technique when a rock face is too steep to get down any other way. At Moor House, you can practise abseiling down our 20-foot purpose-built abseiling tower.

Session overview

After an initial safety briefing, participants will be given an in-depth introduction to the equipment they will be using during the session. Participants will then receive demonstration before moving on to the activity where they will be instructed throughout.

National curriculum

Subject links: Biology, English, History, PE, Physics, Science

English Speaking 1b 1d
English Listening 2a 2c 2e
Science Forces & motion 2b 2c
History Chronological Understanding 1a 1b
Physical Education Evaluating & Improving Performance 3a 3b 3c

Learning outcomes

This activity promotes Effective communication, Growing resilience, Managing risk, Recognising abilities and development needs, Skill development.

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