Values and ethos

At Moor House Adventure Centre, we believe everyone can benefit from outdoor adventure.

We provide a huge range of outdoor activities in a safe and inclusive environment. Our programmes, spaces and facilities have all been designed to maximise opportunities for learning, personal development, and fun!

Learning through adventure

Learning Outside the Classroom

We are proud holders of the ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’ Quality Badge.

We have designed our activities with seven key learning outcomes embedded in each session, which demonstrate the measurable benefits of outdoor education:

  1. Cooperative working
    Learning to work as an effective team by recognising your peers’ achievements and working together to complete tasks.
  2. Managing risk
    Developing the essential skill of risk management by making informed decisions to minimise risk.
  3. Growing resilience
    Allowing yourself to fail in a supportive environment and be empowered to reflect, learn and persevere for future success.
  4. Skill development
    Developing a new skill and progressing further than ever before.
  5. Recognising abilities and development needs
    Being empowered to develop, inspire and lead by identifying what you do well and how to improve.
  6. Effective communication
    Learning the vital skill of communication through sharing ideas, delivering information and listening to others
  7. Problem solving and critical thinking
    Responding to challenges and solving problems by thinking critically, reflectively, and carefully.

You can find out more about schools and outdoor learning at Moor House here.