Brilliant Residentials

Moor House Adventure Centre’s residential programmes can provide up to a week of fun, challenge and adventure. From their base in the Centre’s accommodation block, pupils will explore, paddle, cooperate, climb and think their way through a series of exciting activities, developing skills that will benefit them back in the classroom and beyond.

We believe that school residentials are transformative, and ideal for every season of the year. Working within The Learning Away programme, we champion five powerful benefits of school residentials:

  1. Boost resilience, self-confidence and well-being
  2. Make learning fun, leading to increased engagement
  3. Develop relationships between staff and students
  4. Discover new learning opportunities
  5. Benefit from our high quality and high value packages

Our packages are affordable, and include accommodation, meals and activities.

Residentials taken earlier in the school year provide more time for teachers to embed and reinforce the lessons learnt. If you stay with us between December and March we will provide a discount code for your next brilliant residential.